Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lunch with TomB, PictureShow App

I lucked out that my old college friend (who also has a political blog and a family blog) was able to meet up for lunch while I'm here in Jersey.  I feel like I spent most of the time kvetching and lamenting the necessity to monitor our health as we get older and older, no matter how we feel. But like a good friend, he patiently listened, concurred, and offered me updates on folks from school to cheer me up.  Just what I needed on this extended trip.

Another plus, I played  more with my Picture Show app ($1.99 on iTunes) and ran these pix through the Retro filter. It's one of my favorite apps in terms mixing up filters, frames, and effects really well:

Unfortunately, it can't do anything about my big potato-head.  Even switching to sitting behind my friend, my face. Is. Still. So. Huge.

Here's the original for comparison:

Picture Show is a well-loaded app. It lets you add text to pictures, it has toy camera multi-lenses (which I haven't really explored), and it also has a cool tilt-shift effect which I would like to play with more:

And if all the filters and effect don't bring the magic, maybe the free app, Happy Snapper can:

I really, really love iPhone photo apps.


Tom said...
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Tom said...
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Paul said...

I guess that effect highlights Augie, but I'd like to see the background. Love the effects on you & Tom though...

Pound said...

the mustaches and captions would be cool, but you need instagram!!!

Tom said...

You'll be proud of my next Working Dad post.