Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Family Math Night

Last night the girl and I went to Family Math Night at her school:

It was a fun family event where they served a nice hot dog dinner, followed by a little math competition where you got to solve various math problems, like this one:

The teacher graciously gave me a thumbs-up when I handed in the correct answer.  It was also nice to walk the halls of the school a bit and see the girl's artwork hanging:

There was also some cute math-themed performances like this dance and song these girls did about mathematical slopes to the tune of Gym Class Heroes' "Stereo Hearts":

And then, the grade that brought the most participants to Family Math Night would get to pie a math teacher and the vice principal.  To the 6th grade kids who brought in the most folks, this was definitely the highlight of the night.

For me, it was solving those math problems--I still got it, people!

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Pound said...

mathlete in the house!!! i don't even know what that question is asking...