Saturday, March 9, 2013

Leave the place crawling

In my final days in NJ/NY (after 3 weeks), another trip to the ER (which resulted in another stay) for my mom--though I have to say, this hospital has a sweet setup with a nice place for me to set up my laptop within sight of my mom. Kind of cozy, right?

I got to shovel a bit of snow:

Got to meet up with a wonderful friend from SoCal visiting her daughter in New York.  They sweetly invited me to join them for post-show dinner after they saw the Broadway show "Once" (which they loved):

And then I took them to a bar where my BIL's brother's was tending bar:

And folks, we stayed until it shut down at 4AM. I was due to take an Amtrak train 7 hours later, around 11am (and of course, first had to go back to my sister's in Brooklyn--where the two trains back got me there around 5:30AM) which made for a bit of rough travel, but it was soooo worth it to see my lovely friend and her equally lovely daughters and their friends!

Great way to cap off this trip!

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Pound said...

was this a new ER stay or the original one?