Monday, March 4, 2013

Highlight of Union Square: Time Machine pix with Dan

I headed into Manhattan and met up with Dan for coffee in his nabe, at Union Square's Coffee Shop.

To go along with the Time Machine theme, here's that July 4th Freedom Cooler pic of us in 1996:

And here we are nearly 20 years later:

As always, I had a great time catching up with Dan.  He produces, directs, and edit documentary-style shows (like A&E's Parking Wars), and I'm really looking forward to his next series--though I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Criminal Defense would get the green light again.  He was telling me about a lecture he recently gave on documentary film-making and his highlights were character, story, and access.  The first two were fairly obvious and self-explanatory to me, but I really appreciated articulating "access"--as in, access to information that isn't typically available.  To me that really is the part that grips me--I think that's why I enjoy reading biographies a lot--sharing the background, history, and behind-the-scenes that illuminates a person's character.

I also appreciate that as a documentarian, he is down with taking pictures and composing them well.  I loved that he was talking about "framing this selfie" to include the Coffee Shop.  I totally love the composition!

I did a little walking afterwards and came upon what used to be a dance club called The Limelight.  I remember going there a couple times in the early 90s (no, I never saw Michael Alig):

And now it is this:

Limelight Marketplace.   Sigh.  Now I feel old.


Pound said...

that's so cool that you still talk to your old friends. i have a couple from the old days but not many. and i don't think i ever see them besides one. and i for sure don't have old pics (at least i don't know where they are!)

Tom said...
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