Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm going to work sober

And by that I mean, no NyQuil hangover and no DayQuil to get me out the door.

I spent yesterday in that weird DayQuil cloud where I think my body is moving through water, my mind is wading in Elmer's glue, and I think all my clicky pens need to be tested for clickiness. I fell asleep early easily last night enough without the NyQuil and I felt clearer when I woke up. Kind of like when the Kelly Hu character (Yuriko/Deathstrike) in X2 briefly breaks out of the control cloud that Colonel Stryker (played by Brian Cox) keeps her under with a chemical he burns into the back of her neck. So I decided to forgo the DayQuil as well.

Here we go...


Anonymous said...

Not to get too geeked out on this (and changing the subject and all)…didn’t you think it was weird that they killed the Kelly Hu character in X2? I mean she was under the control of the bad guys…she wasn’t bad. I never got over it.
And also to let you know I tested all your pens and they are clicking fine!

Pound said...

are you better now? is it time to wean you off the 'quils? :P