Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's going to be a good weekend

Per my goals for the New Year, I'm going to a workshop tomorrow from 8:30am - 2pm for ACTION. ACTION stands for AIDS Care Teams in Our Neighborhoods and they put together volunteer CareTeams that provide friendly community and support for individuals and families living with AIDS in Orange County. Honestly, I'm a mash-up of feeling excited yet daunted by expectations (both the organization's and mine), but overall I'm looking forward to getting outside my box.

And then as a reward, UFC 94: St. Pierre vs. Penn at night. Georges St. Pierre is one of my favorite fighters. But BJ Penn is a talented, flexible fighter, so this should be good.

Then Sunday, SuperBowl. Rootin' for my boo, Hines Ward and his Steelers. Plus I've sunk money in the SuperBowl Squares pool.

Wish me luck. On all of it, please.

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