Sunday, October 16, 2011

Football pool mojo

Well this guy was happy the Patriots won:

Though his auntie would have been happier if they won by the spread.

Ugh, my picks have been absolutely dismal to mediocre this year. I am just not getting solid vibes on my picks this year. Unlike last year, I am absolutely floundering in the bottom third of the pool and the gap has grown to 9 between me and the leader in the overall.

And worse, I think I jinxed my dear Lions--though I thought they'd win, I didn't necessarily think they'd win by the spread. And then, Detroit ended up losing all together. On top of that, the Schwartz-Harbaugh "Oh no you didn't!" exchange! What have I done?

Yeesh, here's hoping my picks get better, fast...


Joanne said...

Are you in NY or are they with you?

Tom said...
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