Saturday, October 22, 2011

OC recap: Breakfast at your Desk fundraiser for Alzheimer's

My office back in SoCal is doing a TeamWalk this year for Alzheimer's. Even though I'm not able to do the Walk, I wanted to do a fundraiser while I was out there.  So I did what used to be my annual "Breakfast at your Desk" fundraiser, where a group of us would make and deliver a breakfast of say, quiche, bacon/veggie sausage, potatoes, fruit salad, hot beverage, and juice.  Also I would make a sweet treat for later.

Since I was traveling I didn't attempt to make anything that required a lot of baking.  So I decided on chocolate covered oreo cookies.  But I jazzed it up with a little inspiration from Linda:

Linda kindly shared some of her X and O sprinkles:

I also planned on making little origami boxes to house one each white chocolate and dark chocolate Oreo:

Linda even gave me some baker's twine to complete the cute package:

But I didn't leave myself enough time to make so many origami boxes so I ended up delivering them in cupcake liners instead.  Here is my plate (though I swapped out the bacon for veggie sausage) and unfortunately, as one of the last served, I only got a smidge of the awesome breakfast potatoes:

I also struggled with the coffee-maker (we had only whole beans and I wrestled with the coffee grinder) which resulted in delayed breakfasts but everyone was very kindly patient with us. Thanks to everyone for making it a success!


Tom said...
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Pound said...

they came out cute!!! u shoud've told ethan to help u make the boxes.