Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OC recap: Eating with Linda

After getting off the plane in SoCal, I went to Linda's where she had toasted up some bread and brie:

What a friend, right? And she even endured my Native Foods fix! I enjoyed the vegan Posole myself (I know there are some abuelitas out there clutching their hearts at that concept) but she joined me for some watermelon fresca:

We also decided to make macarons together.  Unfortunately the first batch was a bit overwhipped--see how these caps are holding their stiff shape too much?  They don't flatten or bake out.  The second tray was much better (of course, forgot to take a pic).

But they came out lovely--check out the "feet" on these! We tried 3 different fillings: nutella, raspberry jam, and plain whipped cream. Because the macarons themselves are quite sweet, the plain whipped cream won out. So good.

For comparison, here are some macarons from the Trader Joe's that are really close to the ones in Paris:

They're a lot smoother on top, which I attribute because I didn't use blanched almonds when I made the almond flour--definitely going to splurge on those the next time.  But honestly, our homemade macarons came pretty darn close, right?

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Pound said...

uh, OUR macarons kicked ass. they had the good flavor of homemade. next time u come we'll scout out actual almond flour, get them nice and colored, and make them again!! also, you are the only person i'd go to native foods for.