Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Would Love Your Support as I Craft to End Alzheimer's

Even though I can't physically join my company in the Walk to End Alzheimer's this Saturday in California, I decided I still wanted to help raise funds for it--by crafting instead of walking.  I started my own donation page for the Walk to End Alzheimer's.  I would absolutely appreciate any support from encouraging words or stories to donations of any amount to my page.

Though my experience isn't with Alzheimer's, those who know me really well know that I have long personal experiences with someone close slowly losing himself or herself psychologically/mentally.  In my conversations with those where Alzheimer's has affected their families, it seems a lot of the traits are shared in that it is absolutely a brutal mix of shock, heartbreak, fear, anger, helplessness, guilt, and disappointment.  Sweet memories and all-too-rare glimmers of lucidity sometimes transcend such a vicious cycle, but frankly it's familial love, devotion, and responsibility to that person (and sometimes a touch of dark humor) that keeps one grounded in resolve that can run very thin and brittle.  And honestly, sometimes that isn't even enough to keep some of the hopeless thoughts running through the mind.  And additionally, what compounds the stress is the general attitude towards mental health still reduces it to a punch line or a boogey-man affliction that should simply be avoided or locked up.  Such popular perspectives and sentiments like these are truly isolating for affected individuals and families.

So it remarkable and encouraging that due to the success of such groups as the Alzheimer's Association (the benefactor of this Walk), significant strides in research have been made where there are better medications, better pre-treatments, and better diagnoses for those with Alzheimer's.  And just as powerful, more stigma is removed the more is done to support such research.  I hope, by virtue of piggybacking, more attention will be paid and less stigma applied to other mental health and brain function issues.

So who's with me?  Can I entice your support with a cute handmade zippered pouch?  Measuring roughly 4-5" by 10", it's perfect for candy stashing, pens and pencils, travel toiletries, makeup, cords, etc.  It even comes with a lovely tag that says it's been handmade by yours truly and supports the Alzheimer's Association.  Ready to gift!

For every 5 folks that donate (and no donation is too small--I know this economy has affected everyone) to my page by THIS Monday, October 31 (updated date) (sorry I know, just a few days--such short notice!), I will craft a zippered pouch and randomly select a donor's name for each of them--a 1 in 5 chance!  And even better, for each donation of $50 or more, I'll just make one for you--a 1 in 1 chance!

Trust me when I say that these are handcrafted with love, learning, and just a smidge of swearing! And isn't it a nice time to get a headstart on the holidays?  Hope you'll support my efforts!

I plan on posting the drawing this Tuesday (updated)--so beautiful donors, check back in case the donation page doesn't send me donor info--thanks for any support!


amytangerine said...

what a great cause! i answered your question on my blog too-
Frances- the Pivi doesn't work with the iphone. boo. but i think it's more apple's doing. the printer is pretty awesome for everything else!

Paul said...

Can they donate on Saturday?

Frances said...

Yes--they can donate through Monday, October 31!