Tuesday, October 18, 2011

iPhone 4s

With a heavy heart, I had to drop off my sweet nephew (and my sister) off at the airport early this morning. My sadness was mildly mitigated by the arrival of my new iPhone 4s--an upgrade thanks to my employer, hooray!

I also made the switch to Verizon--real excited about being able to connect almost everywhere. I was a bit anxious about syncing and getting this guy started and actually ended up calling a friend to kick start me. It worked. Unfortunately, I had to sync about 3 times as I kept going over the 16 GB--I deleted songs but I really need to get more bare bones about the music I keep on there (yeesh, it doesn't seem like I've got 12 GB of music on there). Also I came upon the term "digital clutter" and I totally know that applies to my apps. With so many free apps, I'll download them, amuse myself for a few weeks, and forget about them. So I can definitely easily pare down on the apps I don't really use: Magic 8 ball and two sudokus? And as much as I use Dictionary.com on my PC, it's not as handy on my iPhone as I don't really do much writing on my iPhone--and that one is a real memory hog at 127 MB.

I haven't explored all the new things about the 4s--and since I'm upgrading from a 3G, there is a lot of them, like video, front-facing camera, 8mp camera, and a new thing called Siri. Siri is supposed to be this ability to understand your tasks by speaking them but I'm a bit skeptical, despite the video making it look so easy. But I'm game to give it try.

But the immediate next step is to get this precious baby in a protective case. Good excuse to make a trip up to the big city, Charlotte, and hit the Apple store and hang with a friend!

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Pound said...

shoulld i be jealous? does 4s have more stuff than 4 that i'd actually use?