Monday, November 28, 2011

Big Monday Adventures

I love a good sandwich and hoagies (or heroes or subs) are my hands-down fave. So when in Jersey, I feel I should be allowed to treat myself to a good one, so I went to Primo Hoagie:

I got the Cheese Deluxe:

Man, it hit the spot. In hindsight, this is definitely heading in the opposite of one of my resolutions (finishing a bag of Milanos last night didn't help), but so good. I think the crusty bread really makes it. That and just the right amount of oil and vinegar to brighten the lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. I would love to eat another one right now.

Also headed to the local library:

Internet at last! I centered some of the pix from the previous posts (it was driving me crazy) and I'm actually getting sucked into a book (Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell) here (which at least sending me in the positive direction for a different resolution). Since I can't check it out, I hope it's still here tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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Tom said...

Was this all in Ewing?