Saturday, November 12, 2011

The dance

The girl had a fun time at the dance and even acknowledged my presence in pleasant, non-horrified manner. She and her friends had a great time just hanging and jumping to the music. Sigh. Like mother, like daughter.

Despite getting more familiar with my camera and flash together this week, I wasn't able to use them because the printers the PTO was printing photos with didn't accept my CF card. So I ended up using a different camera with a fixed on-board flash that I couldn't swivel, re-direct, or adjust the flash exposure compensation. The pictures were a bit blown out with the flash but the seasoned PTO mother who has run this "photo booth" before assured me that the kids didn't even notice that. I did get informed (and told to re-take pictures) that the kids couldn't make "hand signs" of any kind in the pictures, so going forward I had to keep an eye out and tell the kids to keep the hands down. I was a bit disappointed that the pix weren't as well exposed as I had wanted (and practiced for) but another PTO mother thought the pictures came out great and like how I composed them. And more importantly the kids loved them. So I'll take it as a good learning experience and hope I'll get to do it next year.


Tom said...
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Pound said...

no hand signs? what?? like not even wave or whatever? not like they're throwing gang signs!!!btw irvine got tagged up by a banksy wanna be. AHAHAH i hope it's still here when u come out. hilarious.

Heidi said...

Please read over your post and make the following realization that I are now officially a camera nerd.