Wednesday, November 2, 2011

iPhone App: Pocketbooth

Ever since I upgraded to the iPhone 4s with a front-facing phone, I've been having fun with Pocketbooth. It has the fun pacing of the old-style Photo Booths and with the front-facing camera, you have an idea of when the camera is going to go off and you can see where you're positioned. I had actually gotten this app while I still had the 3G (which only has a rear-facing camera) and it's not nearly as fun without the front-facing camera and if you include yourself in the pix, you're pretty much guessing whether you're in frame and when the picture is being taken. The only hitch is that the front-facing camera is not nearly the quality of the rear-facing one. But I found the black & white fairly forgiving and captures the fun of Photo Booth pictures:

As well as the "1975" setting:

But most of all, it's just fun.  And currently, it's on sale for 99 cents.  At that price, I gifted a few to some folks who I know upgraded to an iPhone 4 also--hope they have fun with it!

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why are you dressed as kiss? was it halloween?