Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vista Lights

Tonight we checked out Vista Lights, where there is a tree-lighting ceremony and shops kick off the holiday season.

We kind of dug the S'more's station set outside Longhorn's:

You just grabbed a marshmallow (already put on a stick) and toasted it over the fire:

And assembled the rest with the graham crackers and chocolate:

The girl dug it too:

And the nice tree lit up with one of the shortest speeches ever (which I totally appreciated as the temperature was dropping fast into the 40s):

Afterwards, we enjoyed dinner at Miyo's:

With a very nice dessert:

And by that I mean--I hope the fortune comes true!


Tom said...

Are we now complaining about South Carolina being too cold?

Pound said...

i love how your bon fire was straight out of skid row l.a. :D
pleasant news?

Paul said...

The juxtaposition of sushi & the fortune cookie reminds of the that Pink Panther movie where Inspector Clouseau is eating at a Japanese restaurant (at the end of the film). He remarks to his assistant "Strange, I have never received the fortune cookie at a Japanese restaurant". He opens the cookie to reveal the fortune "beware Japanese waitress bearing fortune cookie". It is of course, Kato (in drag), who proceeds to attack him, resulting in the restaurant's ruin (& hilarity, of course).