Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome to Ewing

For the most part, I grew up in the idyllic suburbs of Trenton, NJ.  The township was Ewing, but at some point after I graduated and moved to NYC, Ewing seceded and became its own entity and now, technically, I'm from Ewing.

Near our neighborhood, is Jones Dairy Farm, a minimum security prison farm run by the NJ Department of Corrections.

They actually produce dairy products bought and sold in the state of New Jersey.  One of my clear memories of my adolescent years was my friend's mom firmly declaring that we should stop riding our bikes past it in the summer time in our shorts.

When I was senior here, we had one Advanced Placement class, Calculus.  By the time my sister graduated here, they were up to three.  I wonder how many they have now.

One summer I worked as a waitress for Stewart's Root Beer, but now it's a Greek restaurant:

I remember my boss saw me fill a soft serve cone and he said I put too much in it.  He said it was unnecessary to fill the cone and just start it on the lip of the cone.  From then on, he made me weigh each cone I served making sure it only weighed 3 ounces.

There used to be a lot of industry in town, including a Fisher Body plant for GM, but it's gone now.

But now there is a Kung Fu/Tai Chi school (they let me work out there a couple times this week):

And now there is a sushi place here:

I had their salmon teriyaki bento box for lunch:

And had a fortune cookie for dessert:


Tom said...
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Pound said...

isn't weird going back? sometimes i drive by my old hs area and everything's changed. huge shopping centers replaced the may co. / sportmart mall i worked at. so weird. makes me feel old. i don't like it. i guess in nj it doesn't change as much, mainly different owenership. here it's like they raze it to the ground and begin new.