Thursday, December 1, 2011

I bring Trouble

On my last trip to SoCal, one of the friends I stayed with pointed out that whenever I stay with them, something goes awry with their home--unannounced water shut-off, unexplainable sulfur smell emanating out of their kitchen drain, etc. Well, apparently, my gift for trouble has branched out from the Golden State to the Garden State.

Just a couple of miles down from my mom's home, there was a police standoff for a few hours yesterday. When I passed by around 4, there were some Philly news vans, and the road was blocked off. There weren't many details in The Trentonian, but apparently a distraught man, originally from Florida, fled from a Pennsylvania road stop (possibly with a gun), and ended up holing up for a while on Jones Farm, which ironically is run by the NJ Department of Corrections. Fortunately for all, the stalemate ended peacefully with the suspect turning himself in and I get to edit my reputation of bringing resolved trouble wherever I go.


Pound said...

wha??? how many posts did you post since you got home???!!!

Tom said...
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