Sunday, December 18, 2011

Luck is turning for the better

First, the big news--North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il is dead. My initial reaction was relief, as if some great monster was finally slain. But before I let myself get excited about a change for the better I realized that change doesn't come easy. It's been exciting and inspiring over this year to watch people rise up against unjust and greedy autocrats, but it appears that as significant as it is to remove a poisonous head of state, putting in a new system is fairly arduous process as well. Will the North Koreans currently in power have the heart and guts to change the miserable system in place? Or are they going to try to continue the dictatorial system of their Great and Dear Leaders that has a majority of their country starving? I definitely want to be hopeful as more of this story unfolds.

Second, as opposed to last week where I was dead last in my football pool, I came in very close (but can only achieve 2nd place) this week:

The big upset of course being the Kansas City Chiefs beating the defending Super Bowl champs Green Bay Packers, ending their streak at 13-1. The Chiefs?! I'm pretty sure this week they get to own the "BELIEVE" mantra that's been making the rounds with various teams, most recently with Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Despite losing this pick, I have to say I'm happy to lose it when it means such an underdog wins. Probably one of the few games I was excited about losing.

And finally, I think I'm getting out the fog of this cold and infection. I still have a lingering cough, which is annoying and I have a massive list of things to do that I should have been doing last week but it feels good to be conscious again.

Let's hope luck keeps getting better...


Tom said...
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Pound said...

i was watching a thing on kim jong il and saw that in 1980 or whatever, he shot a 38, with 11 hole in ones. wow what a glorious leader and golfer. but his son is in power right? like he's gonna do a 180 from his dad.