Monday, December 12, 2011

Goodbye SoCal

As I left SoCal today, I was able to sneak in one last coffee with Linda, though Oli got juice instead:

I was also able to get a few last kisses from him, the best being "with sound". He leans in and gently puts his cheek near mine and makes the "mmmmmm" sound and eventually caps it off with a "muah". I loved it.

I actually got on a flight with a movie, "Crazy Stupid Love", which is such a rarity for me since I usually fly so many short leg flights. I fell asleep. Good thing I already saw it.

And finally, my dinner at the Chicago airport:

Does this look like a $15 meal to you? I know, me neither.


Pound said...

oli's hair is so long. :/ did that lunch come packaged like that???

Tom said...

Seriously, how does any food company with the word "soul" in it's name produce something called a grilled Southwest tofu wrap?