Tuesday, December 20, 2011

When you put it like that

Yesterday I finally cooked a decent meal of spaghetti with Boca Burger "meat" sauce and green beans. Even the girl thought it was a good idea that I come down from my sick-days-binge of processed food: "Yeah, I thought it was a little gross that you ate those 3 bags of gummies in one night...then finished those two bags of kettle chips the next day AND that giant Symphony bar...and then you starting making s'mores in the microwave..."

Yeesh, hearing it like that sounds a lot grosser and more pathetic than when I was actually consuming it all. Additionally, I'm not really exercising. So I feel even grosser, if that's possible. Oh and definitely already over 160 pounds AGAIN. E suggested this 7 day cleanse diet:

It sounds fairly stringent with the first two days being the most miserable--only two shakes a day and water. But she said it's to get rid of the toxins (food, stress, environmental) in the body and I feel like I've had plenty of all of it. Then she said, "think of it as a reboot" and I was sold. My body could definitely use a reboot.

Obviously I'm going to wait until after the holidays so the big question is whether to start on New Year's Day proper or wait a few days until after the Bowl games so I can properly indulge in Bowl Game food.

Either way, I'm half dreading it and half looking forward to my system getting a reboot.


Tom said...
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Pound said...

uhhhh... even i'm a little horrified at what you were eating. also i had a really random thought in the shower. totally ironic that you turned down that hardboiled egg i offered you because "my cholesterol is dangerously high" but then went on to eat 5 five FIVE salted caramel cupcakes probably containing 2 sticks of butter total. i still heart u. also... ju8st want to remind u of that time a coworker talked you into drinking that salt water "cleanse" and you got really fubar'd...