Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Busy in NJ and NY

This trip up to the Northeast has been pretty busy including commutes to Jersey to visit Mom (replete with road-rage-inducing back-ups on the turnpike and Holland Tunnel). But we were able to squeeze in a few trips to the park (even if it was a little chilly):

Who doesn't love swings?

A part of living in the city I kind of don't miss is the stairs. Believe it or not, this is the easiest way to transport Augie and his stroller from the bottom floor to the 3rd floor:

And well we managed to make more than one trip for some Pommes Frites:

And for some ramen, including shio and spicy miso at Setagaya:

Our mindset was to enjoy foods that we can't get in SoCar. I know some folks unfamiliar with Pommes Frites think that they are just french fries but these are ten times better and I haven't found anything close to them in SoCal or SoCar. So we indulged a couple of times. And fresh ramen! It's perfect in chilly weather and well, a hundred times better than the boil for 3 minutes kind (though truth be told, we certainly indulge in that kind too).  Hopefully we'll branch out beyond comfort food here!


Pound said...

omg carrying the stroller up???????? serious??? and love spicy miso ramen!!!!

Tom said...
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