Saturday, December 10, 2011

Venice Visit

I was able to squeeze in another visit to LA and spend an afternoon in Venice with a friend of mine who lives in downtown LA. As suggested by the crafty Amy Tangerine, we hit the splendid Lemonade and my lovely friend treated me to an awesome lunch:

I wanted to eat EVERYTHING.  I settled on blood orange lemonade and four salads:

- Beluga lentils with house made salmon sausage, lemon & horseradish
- Watermelon radish with ahi tuna, snap peas, and sesame
- Spaghetti squash with farro and pomegranate vinaigrette
- Snap peas with edamame, sesame

They were all soooo good. Yes, I ate them all.

I also got a sandwich of spicy tuna, avocado, carrot slaw, sriracha aioli on laffa bread:

Yes, I ate the whole thing. And for dessert, this giant salted caramel macaron:

Afterwards we walked around a bit.  We stopped in this Scandinavian store, Huset, and I picked up a house-warming gift for the newlyweds I was seeing later:  Totally cute right?

We refueled with a couple of ridiculously delicious iced lattes from Intelligentsia:

And also hit Urbanic, where we both got these 7 year moustache pens.  Man it will be a bummer if I lose this pen in less than 7 years:

And I also picked up some cute washi tape and some of Amy's illustrious mixtape.

We also spent time at the Tortoise General Store, where I picked up some cute animal mugs and color pencil set for another friend's daughter's birthday. Regretfully, no pix! I also regret not picking up the Yoshitomo Nara (hands-down, one of my favorite artists) sketch book "Nobody Knows" or this other book "Brooch" by Yoshie Watanabe and Yayako Uchida (it was like a piece of art that you could journey through) while I was there.

Well, that definitely motivates me to visit Venice again next time I'm in SoCal! Needless to say, it was a great afternoon!


amytangerine said...

how fun that you were in my 'hood and stopped by my favorite spots! glad you enjoyed it and shared the photos.

Pound said...

what is that lemonade place?? all that food sounds so... random. like what ingredients can we combine to make a salad of randomness?

also those porn mugs? ahaha!
what's the 7 yr pen? you grow a mustache in 7 yrs?

that washi tape is cute. i want some japanese masking tape.

Tom said...
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