Friday, November 5, 2010

Asia Society Museum: Yoshitomo Nara

I don't have that many favorite artists but Yoshitomo Nara is one of them. I first happened upon an exhibit of his work in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art years ago. BTW--that is one of my favorite art museums--a great size, fairly doable in a day, and great exhibits.

His work is fairly simple and well, just speaks to me. His work often utilizes children or dogs with such clear expressions of anger, hope, disappointment, rebellion, peace, spirit, and knowing. I got a set of postcards from the exhibit and someone said well, that girl is kind of you. Perhaps it's the angry eyes.

Anyhoo, I happened upon an ad on a Time Out New York I found on the plane--Asia Society Museum had an exhibit "Nobody's Fool" of his work and I knew I had to go.

This sculpture outside on Park Avenue got me psyched for the work inside:

Seeing his three dimensional works for the first time, like this vase:

I had to smile at this person's review:

I was prepared to hate this exhibit & did.
If Asia Society ever decides
to hold exhibits for adults, I'm coming--
Big Turd
(ok, I couldn't make out his name so I improvised)

Unfortunately, they don't allow taking pictures of the exhibit so I highly recommend checking out this exhibit if you're in New York before January. It's very doable in an hour or two and worth the $10 entry fee. I wish I could see it again.

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