Thursday, November 11, 2010

Don't put the whammy on me

I won a second week in my football pool much to everyone's joy. Though as I pointed out to a few haters (I meant pool-mates), it's nice that women have won nearly half the weeks in our football pool. Like Aretha and Annie sang, sisters are doin' it for themselves. Still, I get no respect. Now I know what Boise State feels like

Though this week, I'm feeling uncertain again. So many variables--like will Minnesota struggle with Harvin injured? But dang, Favre still has some magic in his pockets and I'm not talking the kind you pic-text. But...they play the Bears in Chicago and the Bears are hungry. Also, what does Moss mean for Tennessee? He's worked with Collins before but Young may be back in. They're coming off a bye week to get it together, but it could be an awkward triangle going on there. And they're playing Miami, who's favored. And my other heartwrenching choice--Bills or Lions? I mean poor Bills, they're kind of due but they have some key injuries plus I'm thinking they may have run out of GAS (i.e., Give A Sh!t). But...the Lions lost Stafford due to injury.

Sigh. What's a girl to do?

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