Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day of the Dead

Last night the girl had a sleepover (they had no school for Election Day because their school is a polling place). On the plus side I was a pretty decent mom and did not feed them a bowl of candy for dinner (I gave them spaghetti and pizza--hey, hey, hey, I said "decent" mom, not Martha Stewart mom). For dessert (and breakfast yesterday morning), her friend brought over Mexican bread for Day of the Dead. They enjoyed it with hot chocolate:

I loved the bread which had a sweet buttery filling. Is it just butter and sugar injected in there? That would be brilliant. It's the shiny bread in the upper right, not the bread dusted in sugar. Because that would be overdoing it.

Well it looks like the votes are in: Nikki Haley is our governor--the first female Indian-American to be governor and a local dynasty has begun--Joe Wilson has retained his seat in Congress and his son Alan Wilson is now our state's Attorney General.

Tomorrow, I'm off to New York to see my beautiful sister and her husband for their baby shower. When I travel and leave Paul and Velina behind, there's sure to be a lot of drinking and indulgent eating out to be had. I hope to eat out as well.

Can't wait to see you again, New York.

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