Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Off to California

In about 6 hours, I'll be heading to the airport to fly out to California. I look forward to working with my friends in the SoCal office and attending the Holiday Awards banquet. And I really look forward to eating in SoCal again as well as cross off some OC to-do's--hopefully with some friends! I'm pretty sure I'll be start by stuffing my face and drinking a gallon of watermelon fresca at Native Foods.

I was hoping to miraculously get in shape before returning to SoCal but alas my dear fit Cali friends will be seeing me in my biggest jeans and clothes that have the words "comfort" or "stretch" in the label. Shoot, I should have gotten a face-slimming haircut. Oh well, it would have just gotten in the way of me stuffing my face.

Before I leave SoCar, I made preparations like a butler leaving two bachelor rock stars behind. Laundry, vacuuming, and groceries done, I've also carved up the rest of the turkey leftovers for Paul and the girl. I also left a stock of healthy soups plus a half a dozen frozen pizzas where I've taped the heating instructions on the fridge door and explained them to the girl. When I went to New York last month, I came home to a load of Sonic wrappers in the garbage and a pot on the stove that pretty much indicated 3 rounds of macaroni and cheese cooked in it, with the orange cheese powder all over the counter like some processed food version of cocaine. I'm hoping they'll eat some vegetables this time while I'm gone. And use the dishwasher! Keeping my fingers crossed...


Pound said...

whatever. i'm just so happy i'll see you in a few days!!!!!

Tomb said...
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