Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Someone DID put the whammy on me

Opposed to last week where I only got 2 games wrong, this week I got almost HALF wrong. I made some very educated picks but sometimes there's that intangible factor (will? spirit? confidence?) that can go big either way. And for a lot of my picks it went the wrong way.

So, it's a little into the second half of the season and here's what I learned so far:
- The Colts are gold at home, whether Peyton Manning is on or not. Unfortunately, they don't always get that there is a point spread to cover. But I guess considering their TDs came from INTs this week, they're happy. So selfish.
- Favre. Guess he can only whip out the magic at home. Home field, to be clear.
- Despite a losing streak, the Broncos BROUGHT it. A bye week can do wonders...
- ...unless you're the Titans. Don't know what to say here--on paper, Tennessee looked like a sure thing but Miami went through 3 QBs themselves yet still won out. And oh, Moss. There's a prodigal son/redemption story coming about him soon, right? I keep banking on him too early.
- The Lions. Why do I keep believing? Common sense told me that without Stafford a win over the winless Bills was a long shot.
- Colt McCoy. Increasingly impressive and clutch for the Browns. The Longhorns must really miss him.
- Dallas crushed the Giants! Wow, was Wade Phillips that bad?
- Conversely, is Pete Carroll that good? Seahawks now division leaders. Oh wait, who else is in the division? Arizona, San Francisco, and St. Louis. Currently, to be leader in that division means not having a losing record. Congrats, Seahawks.
- And Michael Vick. Setting NFL records as a QB and for the Eagles last night against the Redskins in the pouring rain. Oh, there's the amazing redemption story. And on the day Redskins QB McNabb signed a $78M contract extension, who ended up throwing 3 INTs, including a Pick 6. What a way to celebrate.

Anyhoo, hopefully I've made some mental adjustments and ready for next week. Wish me luck. Apparently, I need it.

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