Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend review: H'ween, football and I Painted!

There were a bunch of ups and downs over the weekend:

Up: Our costumes were a blast. The girl and I had a great time being Hatshepsut and Hit Girl this Halloween.

Down: We only had two groups of trick-or-treaters come--one on Saturday, one on Sunday (which was actually October 31)

Up or Down (depending on how the pants fit): We have a lot of candy leftover.

Down: Michigan State's undefeated run comes to a crushing end with a huge 37-6 loss to Iowa. I wish the Spartans had come as the Huskers this Halloween weekend.

Up: The Huskers beat Missouri 31-17 (which, BTW, was the spread I predicted).

Down: Next year Nebraska joins the Big Ten, which means a House Divided in 2011.

Up: I finally painted the kitchen Sweet Chamomile yellow! Before:


Down: One of the cats got into the paint:

Up: The culprit was caught:

Down: The tribunal council decided the cat shall live.

Up: I did barely well enough to cling to my overall lead in my football pool. Tonight's game is a deciding factor on whether I keep or lose that top seat...for this week.

Let's go Colts--by 6!

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Pound said...

awww that cat is so cute. reminds me of oli and your coke... how to be mad?

i can haz paint?