Saturday, November 27, 2010

Waiting on another

Last June, Paul's sister and her husband had our first nephew (and the girl's first cousin) and I finally got to meet (and take some pix of) sweet Madhu at Opa's wedding:

Say Hello to cuteness!

Adorable when he giggles:

Doesn't it look like he's trying to tell me something?

"Your NFL picks are too sentimental"

Gasp. How did he know? Oh my...cute and smart.

Anyhoo we're anxiously awaiting another nephew or niece as my sister and her husband are due any day now (they are one of the rare couples who opted out of learning their baby's gender before birth). We thought it'd be cool if the baby was born today, on our dad's birthday (who shares the same birthday as Bruce Lee, BTW), but looks like this baby has other plans. Can't wait to meet this individual!

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Pound said...

i'm laughing that you're calling your nephew/niece "the individual."