Saturday, October 16, 2010

Planes, planes, planes-Off to Nebraska

We spent an extended weekend in Nebraska that ended up being full of ups and downs:

Up: On our way to Opa's wedding! Hooray!

Down: Missed 6am flight out of Charlotte. Mental note: don't try new "shorter" route to airport at 5 in the morning, on 3 hours of sleep. No available seats on other flights into Omaha because of the big Nebraska-Texas game.

Up: Sighed out loud to Delta check-in staff that it's especially a bummer as I'm the photographer for the wedding. Clerks tell me to wait and call me up to advise that they got a manager to override a restriction so that we can fly from LaGuardia to Omaha. Major props to the Delta staff at the Charlotte airport...restored faith in humanity starts pulse in the jaded raisin of a heart in my chest. Mental note: presents for all in Whoville!

Down: On our new 3 leg itinerary, the ride from Atlanta hits long, bumpy jag approaching LaGuardia and things get messy. Mental note: Make sure to feed girl Dramamine/Bonine before flying and/or that there are bags available.

Up: Great excuse to buy matching souvenir "I heart NY" PJ bottoms at LaGuardia airport to wear for final flight into Omaha:

Down: Instead of original arrival of 10:30am, we get in at 11:30pm.

Up: Holiday Inn Express in Columbus--the best free breakfast buffet I've ever had:

Such an awesome array of plentiful breakfast choices:

Including robot pancakes--I don't have to do a thing but push start!

Down: Gathering camera and gear, I realize since I missed the wedding rehearsal, need to get to church early to scope location for light for pictures. We're not exactly early.

Up: Wedding goes beautifully! I have lots of pix but am waiting to share until I confirm some permission. In the meantime, I had fun getting my picture snapped by the younger kids who enjoyed taking pictures with my iPhone:

Down: Despite this cutie wearing Husker red, Nebraska drops 4 TD passes and loses in a frustrating heartbreaker to Texas.

Up: Opa got hitched!

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