Friday, October 22, 2010

Welcome to my bachelor party, Thanksgiving

I know I've admitted my love for Easter candy, especially stocking up on Cadbury Mini-eggs. But please, give me some credit--I've been adding non-candy treats as well for the girl's sake. But let's face it, Easter comes at that optimal window of the year: a good 3-4 months after the chocolate-and-baked-treat-0rgy known as the Holidays and a comfortable 1-2 months before swimsuit season. At this point, our blood sugar levels finally re-center themselves, we're no longer having candy cane brownies for breakfast, the last lame pieces from the See's box have been eaten, and we actually start to crave sweets again. Plus, as I mentioned before, we're rewarded with a lot of limited-edition "Easter only" versions of candy.

So on the flipside, I bring you Halloween candy shopping. A generous month after the swimsuits have been put away, Halloween candy is kind of the bridal shower before the "big event" of the never-ending feed of the holidays. With the volume bags and sale prices, Halloween candy is the appetizer of the holiday gluttony to come.

Now perhaps I overdid it with over 500 pieces of candy. I blame the amazing sale prices. The girl ratted me out by walking into the living room with her arms overloaded with all these bags like an OctoMom promo pic. Hey Mom, what's all this? she asked gleefully. Paul immediately expressed disapproval (thanks for ratting me out, Velina)--exasperatedly ranting something about obesity and diabetes--though admittedly I was somewhat zoned out thinking about which bag I should open first.

So...what says, "Hey Thanksgiving--I started the holiday weight gain party without you" better--M&Ms or SweeTarts?


Michael Kwun said...

Go with the chewy sweetarts. I love those things.

tiffany said...

can i come over? peanut m&ms are my absolute FAV! :D