Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Insane Clown Posse--how do they work?

One of the girl's favorite SNL sketches was this one featuring the Thrilla Killa Klownz singing a song called "Magical Mysteries", which professed fascination with the wonders of life from "What's with Islands? Get more land! What's with deserts? Get less sand!" to "Isn't a volcano just an angry hill?"

She thought the hilarious lines were "...blankets? How do they work?!" and "Are children small? Or just far away?!" and the girl got the humorous irony that these guys who wonder and have questions like these would also say "(bleep) you books, we don't need your tricks!"

It's funny until it's sadly true. I didn't realize that this song was a parody of "Miracles" a song by Insane Clown Posse.

Over the weekend the Guardian posted an interview with Insane Clown Posse. The band, whose previous songs include "B!tches" and "Still Stabbin", revealed in 2002 that (despite misogynist and violent songs that would suggest otherwise) the hidden message in their six albums spanning ten years of music has been to follow God all along. Insane Clown Posse claim that certain songs were made to demonstrate that they weren't posers, that they needed to speak the language of their horrorcore fanbase before they could share their ultimate message of following God. I guess it's kind of like singing the praises of getting fat on melted cheese and bacon shakes for ten years and then revealing you really meant "watch your cholesterol!" Didn't you understand our hidden message about getting enough vegetable servings when we said to Drink Your Cheezesteak?

The follow-up albums after 2002 produced just "bomb-a$$ music" but "weren’t so much saying anything at the end of the day", so with the 2009 album "Bang! Pow! Boom!" came messages such as railing against child abuse ("To Catch a Predator") and corporate greed ("Vultures").

But they also appear to rail against knowledge and education, in "Miracles". As much as I'm all for acknowledging the wonderment of life that largely goes unappreciated (e.g., "hot lava, snow, rain and fog, long neck giraffes, pet cats and dogs"), I find it hard to support middle-aged men angrily cursing science that explains some of these miracles. It's beyond the typical adult denial that would have us prefer believing in the stork than picturing our biological parents conceiving us. We're talking rather elementary science. Whether it's the anecdote about a pelican who runs away after trying to eat his cell phone in the Frisco Bay, "F**kin' rainbows after it rains", or the now-infamous "F**kin' magnets (how do they work?!)", I hardly find encouraging "magic" as a way to preserve the amazing nature of it all.

Though I worry about the thousands of Insane Clown Posse fans who may adopt their attitude of "f**k scientists...they kill all the cool mysteries away" (and I was only further confused by Violent J's analogy of hating science with wanting to have sex with a female when her mother is at home), I guess I'll cling to the relief there is at least one 11-year-old who realizes that when it comes to some of the amazing things in life, you don't have to just wonder.

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