Friday, October 8, 2010

So overdue for a haircut

One of the things I should have done before leaving SoCal was to get a haircut. Because by the time I finally got my act together and found a haircutter here, I was monstrously overdue for one--

Blech. Horrible. Or should I say perfect if you saw me peering out of a shuttered home like Boo Radley? I wonder what stories the neighborhood kids would conjure up? All I know is, she brings home these buckets of paint but doesn't do anything with them--maybe there's something else in those buckets...something sinister...Also, I've seen her opening up boxes, then shaking her fists at it or backing away and passing think there's ghosts in there?

Fortunately, I lucked out and got a good haircutter and cleaned up:

Wha-la! Ready for the weekend.


Paul said...

Hmm maybe you should mention my haircut trauma...

Heidi said...

You look as lovely as always!

Pound said...

that 1st pic looks fine!!!!you're always fantastic looking. not a day over 29. :P

i just gave myself a haircut today. i hope i don't get busted like all the times she says: did you cut your own bangs??

also aren't you still painting? or is there something dexter-like in those cans?