Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some algebra for MSU

As the Michigan State-Northwestern game started, they announced the stat that MSU hasn't been 7-0 since 1966. I watched an agonizing first half of the Michigan State-Northwestern game (where Northwestern took a 17-0 lead), then took a break and unpacked some boxes (no, we're still not completely unpacked), including some books of my dad:

They're pretty much some of his math books when he was a grad student at MSU. I keep them to remember him by and some he had specifically given me to read, though I confess I have not finished one yet, including this page-turner:

But when I opened up the book I saw this:

MSU pulled a come-from-behind victory in the second half (which has been dubbed "pulling a Michigan State" by some sports commentators) with a final score of 35-28 and are now 8-0. Maybe it's a sign I should finally read this book so it gets to see a year more exciting than 1966.

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Pound said...

your dad sounds like he was a real fun guy. was that for light reading?