Friday, October 29, 2010

Okay cats

Let's see what you can do now!

That's right I'm Hit Girl from Kick-A$$!

Except for the $15 wig, everything else is obviously home-pulled/made. Unfortunately, the purple ink didn't dye the original tan/black plaid skirt to the intense violet I was hoping for, though it's enough to get the Hit Girl idea across, right?

Bonus - I made some new friends at the local Starbucks when this cool guy shouted "Hit Girl!" I turned, excitedly and shouted, "Yes!"

One of the most satisfying feelings is when someone recognizes your costume and has the stones to shout it out in a Starbucks. Thank you Erik S!

The hardest part is trying to jam all my hair into a such a short wig:

But the little things make it worth it (though the young bank teller didn't recognize my character-Booooooo!):

At least the bank made up for the lame teller and rewarded me and wished me a Happy Halloween:

By letting me stuff my face!

So do I have a chance to win the Halloween costume contest at work, like last year? I'm eager to see my competition...wish me luck!


Tomb said...
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Heidi said...


Pound said...

you look so hot w/ purple hair. and why do you look so skinny in that costume? (now you're gonna wear that all the time in public huh?)