Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Holy cow: week of 10/16

Some things I'm trying to get my mind around this week:

- Wisconsin beat Ohio State which moved Michigan State into the top 10 (#7 or #8) depending on which poll you prefer--robots or people. Hasn't it been over a dozen years since the Spartans have been in the top 10? And currently, they're #1 in the Big 10 standings? Hasn't OSU had that spot for like, a decade? Wow, thank you Wisconsin. What has occurred to me: I've been dutifully wearing my MSU shirt every Friday before their games--has that had an impact? If I don't wear it this Friday, will the Chaos theory go into effect and all heck will break loose? I guess I shouldn't risk it.

- On Paul's Husker Homies side--what happened in Nebraska? I had pretty much written off Texas given their last two losses, but man I did not expect to see that nightmare of a struggle Nebraska had in their 20-13 loss to the Longhorns: all those dropped passes and their only TD came via a thrilling 95 yard punt return. There is still hope--if Missouri beats Oklahoma and the Huskers beat Missouri the following week, balance will be restored in the Big 12.

- On a completely different subject: yes, I've seen the pix of the GQ - Glee shoot shot by Terry Richardson. It reminded me of an exhibit of his work I saw in California when I lived there. If you've seen his portfolio (a lot of which is sexually graphic and/or has a 70s basement-sexual predator-kind of vibe--think those American Apparel ads from 5 years ago), this is par for the course. At first I thought, why so much Try on Ms. Michele's part? I was like, okay, you're not uptight high schooler Rachel Berry, you're a sexy adult female who probably puts out. I get it.. But then I realized that perhaps much of the responsibility for these pix is of Mr. Richardson, who has garnered allegations for exploiting and sexually-abusing young female models. Bottom line, he seems able to get the pictures he wants from who he shoots. Anyhoo, he definitely shoots provacative and interesting photographs, but you'll definitely want to leave the kids behind if you decide to check out an exhibition of his work. And I'll skip sharing this Glee shoot with the other big Glee fan in the house--my tween daughter.

- And on a final tangent: Taylor Swift recently hinted that her new song "Dear John" was about her relationship and breakup with John Mayer. John Mayer?! How did that happen? Is it only me who feels there is somewhat of an ick factor here? He's in his 30s and already publicly shared d-bag comments about women he previously dated. She was 19 when they dated last year, but in my mind she's perpetually 16 as she's become the epitome of girlish adolescent innocence and naivete. Didn't she have a hit song last year called "Fifteen?" Ugh. See what I mean? It would only ick me out more if she flat out stated that this song was actually about Jon Gosselin.

Yeesh, anymore surprises that I should know about?

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