Sunday, October 10, 2010

Goodbye surprise party

Sadly one of the friends the girl has made, since school started less than 2 months ago, is moving. But Velina wanted to have another get together with a few friends and wanted to make it a surprise party. She made a banner:

And her friends helped make these tissue paper pom-poms:

Her friends also decorated the cake:

The friends were game for everything, including yelling "Surprise" when the friend walked in and pressing play so "Walking on Sunshine" would be blasting during her entrance. They enjoyed some pizza and calzones:

And were down with some Wii RockBand, though we have made another moving-loss discovery--the box with the legs for the drums including the bass drum pedal has gone AWOL as well. Which, for those who play RockBand, means the drummer is never going to get 100%. Fortunately, the beginning level for "Eye of the Tiger" uses less bass pedal than other songs.

For dinner, the girl wanted to make fresh ramen and her friend was actually familiar with the process and helped make it.

Have a safe move sweetie--we're grateful for knowing you and you'll be terribly missed!


Tomb said...
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Pound said...

does that cake say wonr?