Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NFL: Why you hate me?

Worst week: only 5 right.

If it hadn't been for the Jets scoring on that final interception last night, it would have been a measly 4. Yeesh, what a cruel irony for that Vikings QB to throw an interception that could have helped drive toward a winning TD for his team, only to have it returned for a TD for the other? And after hitting a huge TD milestone (500!) earlier in the game? He indicated he struggled with elbow pain. Maybe that QB should lighten up on the one-handed texting.

Sigh. When I have weeks like these I think I should just make my picks and then completely reverse them Sunday morning. But of course, that will be the week when I make absolutely brilliant picks, right?

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Erik said...

I think you're allowed to use Bret Favre's name in your blog. ;)