Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Monday

Holy Cow. Michigan State is #5 in both the robot and human polls.

And depending on tonight's game, I may actually win this week in my football pool. I need Dallas to win by 3 points (or less) or lose.

And hey, I'm trying out some adjustments to my blog layout. By that I mean I added a Twitter widget and Search bar. The widget is for my friends who don't have Twitter and are too lazy to go to another site to read my 140-character pearls of wisdom/rants. Side note to my non-Twitter friends: "RT" means Re-Tweet of someone else's tweet (other Tweeters are indicated by "@" followed by their name) and if there are two slashes "//" my reply or comment is usually after it. The Search bar searches my blog when you're looking for some brilliant post of mine and can't quite remember when it was. Because I know my blog is just chock full of knowledge. I'm wondering if these adjustments makes the page too busy or annoying or in the case of re-tweeting, adds more "adult" language than usual. Any feedback is welcome.

Hoping for a very happy Monday.


Tomb said...
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Heidi said...

I'm sorry, I lost you after you wrote Twitter.... Such the Twitter snob, but Facebook noooooo ;)

Pound said...

i can't believe you tweet but not fb. twitter is way lamer :P
also i need to you to be my fb friend.