Monday, October 18, 2010

Old Market - Omaha, NE

Last night, we got a little hungry so we decided to check out the highly regarded M's Pub. We started out with a few beverages: a Shirley Temple for the girl, a mojito for me, and Paul enjoyed a special cocktail with ginger beer. His was the best:

We had the Smoked Salmon Mousseline, which I enjoyed greatly. I loved the assortment with this platter. I had never had caper berries before and they were a nice balance against the richness of the mousseline.

I had the whole artichoke, which was sufficient, though I will confess, I've had better. I don't know if the preparation was off or the artichoke itself was not quite ready. It was bit tough and I'm used to pulling off a lot more meat off the leaves that I was able to with this serving.

We also tried the highly-lauded black bean cakes. The cakes themselves were a bit mushy but the overall combination of the aioli and the crisp marinated salad were really fabulous:

Overall, M's Pub has got the food and ambiance for a nice date night. We definitely enjoyed our late night outing there.

For lunch today, we opted for our old favorite, Little King sandwiches:

"King me!" I said:

Afterward, we hit Ted & Wally's for ice cream:

They make fresh ice cream daily and it is absolutely delicious. They often have unique flavors like Guiness, sesame, or molasses and they also do typical flavors like strawberry, coffee, and cotton candy excellently. The girl always loves cotton candy ice cream and they do a version that even an adult could enjoy.

If you ever find yourself in Omaha and enjoy delicious ice cream--definitely enjoy some at Ted & Wally's.

With full bellies, we made the short drive to the airport and made our flights home. Safely and without any turbulence. Great way to end the day.

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