Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trader Joe's

Forget Usher, forget Busta. So grateful that Trader Joe is not a real person because I'm pretty confident I'd be a gold digger for him. That's right, full ON kept woman. I'm pretty sure I'd get a boob job, wear makeup, style my hair with a dryer and product if that'd hook him. Then I'd make sure I had a baby with him so that when he left my a$$ for the next gold digger, I'd have generous Trader Joe product written as part of the settlement and child support. Thank goodness wishes don't always come true. And by that I mean, thank goodness TJ is not a person, just one fine-looking grocery store that brings me to my knees with its blissful offerings.

We used to live within 2 miles of Trader Joe's in SoCal but there isn't one in Columbia at all. Heartbreak. But I had the sense to book my flight home from New York to Charlotte (where it's cheaper to fly in and out of and there IS a Trader Joe's) early enough so I could hit it on my way home.

I got some of my fave staples like these dumplings:

Trader Joe's also has a great price for organic tofu and since, yes, I had packed a cooler in my trunk before I left Columbia, I said why not pick up a few pounds?

Also picked up this new Sipping Chocolate--so good. Rich but not horribly sweet. I love but the girl does not.

But the girl does love these Pumpkin Spice Whoopee Pies! I'm not much of a pumpkin fan but the creamy filling made it like a cupcake for me.

Also I had Thai curry with my cousin once and LOVED it. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember if it was Yellow or Green curry, so trying them both:

Also picked up a sack of Pretzel Slims and Penguin Gummy Tummies but no picture because I ate them on my 90 mile drive home.

Trader Joe's--I miss him (uh, the store) so much.

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