Saturday, November 13, 2010

Productivity and rewards

Productive day with rewards, it's win-win, isn't it? Unpacked some more boxes (and ironically, filled more boxes for donation) and found the base with bass pedal for Rock Band. I didn't realize a friend must have disassembled it and it was in a much smaller box than I expected.

The girl and I busted out a few songs with me on trap and her doing guitar AND singing. I taped the microphone to a lamp that has a special bulb (that I still have yet to find/unpack). Impressively, she scored higher on both singing and guitar than I did on drums alone.

Also unpacked the board games and we played some Scrabble with some popcorn and cocoa.

The tables turned from Rock Band. I crushed her.

Here's to tomorrow being productive too--

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