Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting ready for Nana's visit

Nothing like a Thanksgiving visit from Nana to kick the final paint job into high gear.

This was the living room, yesterday at 11am:

Obviously still many boxes to unpack still and I may have to concede to putting off my plan of moving the CDs and DVDs to binders because 1) I still have the CD and DVD shelves still, 2) I still do NOT have the CD and DVD binders and 3) I really want to get them out of the boxes.

Anyhoo, the painting went along steadily where my only break was the Michigan State game because I brought better luck to them when I was sitting on the couch watching. And eating. Don't worry it paid off--the Spartans came back from a deficit to win the game in the last quarter.

Around 11pm I was in the home stretch aaaaaaannnnd...I ran out of paint:

This is Sunday 11am.

Off to the paint store. Again.


Pound said...

dang how many rooms you have?

Annabelle said...

Can you post a full "after" photo of this room? I need closure.