Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SoCal Recap: Gorgeous, Delicious Wedding

No matter what the weather, it's always a gorgeous day for a wedding. Fortunately the weather was wonderful and the wedding was beautiful. Congrats to L and D -- such a privilege to witness this part of their journey together!

I LOVED these wedding cupcakes. Not only were they delicious, but came in multiple flavors that begged you to have seconds! Or at least I hope it was okay I took more than one...

Unfortunately, can't blame any cocktail for this:

Or the moves on the dance floor. I'm definitely afflicted with that condition where I think I'm some Beyonce/Justin Timberlake/Jabbawockeez lovechild on the dance floor, but sadly, I'm probably more likely the lady in the Sun Drop soda commercial:

Unfortunately, in clear light of day, I'm somewhat anxious of any photographic and video evidence of my (as I'd like to prefer recalling) "killer" moves. Apparently there is a Mom-version of the internet-consequence-lesson to sexting here, except instead of nudie pix, it's wedding dancing, aka, Dropping it Like it's Hot. Eek. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Pound said...

ahahahaha did you insert yourself into someone's pic? there's a website where people post pics of random strangers pose in their otherwise lovely photo. except you should've done it while flashing your bra.