Monday, May 23, 2011

SoCal Recap: Best Haircutter--Christina Sanchez

In SoCal, I got to meet up with old friends/counselors and discovered these...kumquats? Is that the right word? They're like tiny bitter oranges. Really refreshing:

Enjoyed some sushi at Miyako--this place features a female sushi maker and is one of my fave spots in Orange County. Plus I love how one order of nigiri is THREE pieces!

And got my haircut by Christina Sanchez. I definitely have an appreciation for someone who constantly wants to learn in their field and Christina is always growing. I know Paul thinks I'm hypocritical that I'd pay almost any rate to get a good haircut when to him I apparently berate him when he forgets to use a coupon when he goes to Great Clips or cringe when he asks me to pick up his fancy Neutrogena shampoo for him--as if I'm saying "oh? did the Suave knock-off I got you at the Dollar Store run out?" But honestly when you have hair like mine, it requires mad skills to make it look decent for a wash-and-wear girl like me. And Christina has them. And frankly for her skill, I feel she is currently a bargain, as she manages to tame my coarse hair and cut it so it doesn't look so ker-razy.

Plus she also is the proprietor and creative force behind Le Modern Trinket. I love how she upcycles vintage pieces into art you can wear. She let me buy this one (it's a vintage Bakelite domino ring!) when I was getting my haircut (you can get your own at her shop):

A fruitful day in SoCal!


Pound said...

kumquats- the native foods of fruits.
hey we need to go to sushilicious next time. i keep getting coupons for there but thought the name was dumb, but found out it's a revolving table of sushi and my coupon is for $2 a plate. so the sushi just rolls right by you FRANCES WE NEED TO GO THERE!!!

Le Modern Trinket said...

:) Just saw this. Thanks for the awesome shout out!! See you soon when you are back in the area XX:)