Friday, May 6, 2011

Highlights of the week

First, there were some lowlights. Like with Words with Friends. I've a lost a couple of games...argh. And seriously, WwF? You won't allow me to play "cryer" but you let me play this?

An obscure Southeast Asian tree?

Also, gas here is up to $3.79 a gallon. I'm sure it won't be long before it goes to $4. Blech. Just in time for summer when I am now 90 miles from the beach. of my pet peeves, folks who double-park:

Thankfully, not a packed day at this lot.

BUT, there were many highlights to be had this week. The girl had a couple of orchestra performances, including another closed-door ensemble competition tonight. Fingers crossed!

Surprises were delivered as more awesome gifts came to my door:

More splendid stuff from my Amazon Wish List!

And also an unexpected bonus treat--caramel apples set on 10 from Sticky Fingers Gourmet Apples!

Yes, they were delicious.

All in all, a very good week.


Pound said...

ahahahaha was that poon game w/ me? and that breakfast sounds/looks soooooo gross! if i wanted tempeh bacon and yeast gravy i'd go to... native foods.

Anonymous said...

Have you read "please look after my mother" yet? Any good? The title alone wants to make me cry. -vmm