Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SoCal recap: Wolfpack Lite

The night before our friends' wedding, we went to Morongo Casino.  If Morongo is Las Vegas Casino Lite, then we hit it up Wolfpack Lite style as well. Lite because we didn't lose anybody, lose a tooth, steal a tiger, or find a baby. And not sure if the Wolfpack enjoyed cool beverages by the pool:

Now both of my friends are more experienced in this setting than me so either could be the charming Phil Wenneck character, so I'm pretty sure I'd be the Alan character. Hey, you guys ready to let the dogs out?

Though if you were to ask Paul, he'd say I'm probably most like Stu's girlfriend in the scene where she is berating the thought of them going to a strip club (which I have to say, is one of my favorite scenes in The Hangover--not only soooo funny but encapsulates their relationship):

Melissa: I know. It's just...boys and their bachelor parties. It's just...gross.
Stu: You're right. It is...gross.
Melissa: Not to mention that it's pathetic. Those places are filthy. And you know the worst part is? That little girl grinding and dry humping the f***in stage up there. That's...
Melissa & Stu: Somebody's daughter up there.
Stu: I was just gonna say that.
Melissa:  See?  I just wish your friends were as mature as you.

I briefly was winning "big" at my first go round at Black Jack (definitely well coached by my friends):

Unfortunately, the rest of the night my gambling did not go as swimmingly.  But I did my best to eat my money's worth and then some at the $20 seafood buffet:

Best deal ever. Take that, Morongo! If this was a movie, I'm sure that a security guard would tap the closed circuit tv screen of my visage eating my fifth plate of crab legs and mutter, "That's a ringer. Take her out." And I would be dragged out clutching the crab legs with my buttery hands. Why isn't that ever shown in casino movies?

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Who let the dogs out?


Tomb said...

That's awesome. It's always nice to hear folks have had great trips...makes the cash outlay worthwhile, I guess. Congratulations, Frances.

Pound said...

that totally looks like ice water. i can tell. and those crab legs- mmmm next time you come we'll go to hokkaido!!!

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