Sunday, May 22, 2011

Locks of love

The girl finally agreed to a haircut (I think the heat/humidity here influenced the decision) IF she could could donate her hair to Locks of Love. Fortunately, our local Great Clips knows the procedure and the girl hopped into the chair:

Don't worry, that disdainful expression is the apparent embarrassment I cause her by wanting to record these precious moments, not at losing her hair.

The minimum donation is 8 inches--at this length, Locks of Love apparently sells the hair and collects the proceeds. At 10 inch donations, they apparently actually use the donated hair for the actual hair prosthetics for the kids. The girl wanted to go the 10 inches. Here are her donations:

And here's my girl with a sweet new do!


Michael Kwun said...

Good for her!

And cute!

Pound said...

totally cute!!!!