Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Joanne

Happy Birthday to a great friend I've known since college in New York--Joanne!

As a fun reminder of time gone by, I thought I'd share some memories when she was in The Hot Corn Girls.

Anyone still have this issue of Sound Views? From 1995?

Of course not! But in case you're de-cluttering and happen upon it, you'd find an interview with The Hot Corn Girls and a pic of Joanne on bass:

And of course there was a review from the illustrious Village Voice from their show at Continental:

Hot Corn Girls: Joanne broadcasts her bottomed-out bass transmissions with the unbridled energy of a certified punk rock dream come true.  And she doesn't even have to sing-that's squealing, squawking Bob's job.  Together they're half of the local Hot Corn Girls, whose raw, spiky rock bursts off the stage like an early Buzzcocks' single or a No. 6 train incendiary device.  Continental. (Stovall)

 Joanne, now a happily married mom and teacher in Connecticut, I know you still rock.  And yeesh, you haven't aged at all.  Happy Birthday, you ageless wonder.


Tom said...
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joanne said...

You are too sweet Frances... What a blast from the past. I don't even have that copy of that Sound Views! Thanks for featuring me on your blog. I check in frequently to see what my BFF is up to :) Miss you.