Sunday, May 8, 2011

Highlights from Mother's Day

For Mother's Day--I enjoyed one of my favorite dinners--sashimi and sushi!

Definitely a treat! We went to dinner on Friday night because I like to avoid the crowds on actual Mother's Day.

On Saturday, I enjoyed an Intro to Quilting class at a local sewing shop:

Surprisingly, I was the youngest one there by about 20 years. I kind of thought this was one of the skills one is supposed to pick up early on in life. It was definitely an intro class, explaining the basic concepts of quilting and how to use a rotary cutter. After 4 hours, here is what I had to show for it:

I'm going to confess that I'm a little daunted by quilting.

On the more productive side, I finally went through my hundreds of CDs:

And sorted some for donation, and put the ones that made the cut into these binders:

Now here's my next conundrum--I've been buying most of my current music as mp3s--should I still burn a backup CD to file in here?

And on Sunday morning, surprisingly, we woke up craving breakfast food prepared by somebody else and attempted to go to the Original Pancake House. What a mistake--because, duh! It was Mother's Day. The line was out the door. We tried another place, Cafe Strudel, but also line out the door. We ended up trying the brunch offering at a local natural food market, Rosewood Market--and surprise, no line at all!

I enjoyed their tofu scramble, vegan grits, tempeh "bacon", and vegan biscuit with nutritional yeast gravy:

Hope all the Moms out there had a great day!

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